Y’all Twins? - A Good Read about Identical Twins Katherine and Margaret King and their Funniest, Most Memorable Childhood Adventures

Nothing is more satisfying than being at home, curled up in your sofa with a good read in your hand. Y’all Twins? is a fine addition to every bibliophile’s list of good reads, offering plenty of laughs and heartwarming stories as the authors share their childhood adventures and experiences as identical twins growing up in their hometown of Oxford, Mississippi.

Having garnered positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, as well as a steady following on Facebook, the King twins have successfully managed to make readers laugh their way through the book, as well as enlighten them on what it’s like to be identical twins. Their unique and entertaining stories of sibling love and rivalry have certainly captured the hearts and tickled the funny bones of many readers.

With stories starting from when the King twins were only six years old, the tag-team memoir remarkably combines Southern humor with captivating tales of innocent mischief. Bookworms are sure to take pleasure in reading about the countless pranks they pulled on the literary great William Faulkner, whom they only knew to be their neighbor.

Readers would not only find this book alluring and comforting to read, they will also get a glimpse of how the King twins managed to survive adolescence and each other and show the strength of their bond.

Who are the King Twins?

Margaret and Katherine King might have become famous for their memoir entitled Y’all Twins? but they have obtained other noteworthy achievements throughout the years. Katherine was twice named Star Teacher during her teaching career and received the Headwae Educator of the Year Award in 2005 and the Lamplighter Educator of the Year Award in 2008.

Margaret, on the other hand, has received The Distinguished Service Award, which is the highest honor that is bestowed upon a government employee. She has also received The Department of Army Commander’s Award for Public Service, the highest award given to a civilian by the military.

Both are active in community work and are members of the United Methodist Church.

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Y'all Twins?

Y'all Twins? Book Cover

These stories will have you laughing with them and at them as they take advantage of looking exactly alike. From the first time they swapped classes, they never looked back. Join Katherine (the mastermind) and Margaret (the "cleaner" and co-conspirator) as they play tricks on William Faulkner and use bras as weapons!

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How We Got Started

Kat and Margaret King

Through the years, as our children were growing up, we would tell them stories of our childhood and the fun we had playing tricks on our friends and confusing teachers and adults as well. Many of our tales were told at different milestones in their young lives—learning to walk properly, wearing a training bra for the first time

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Our Passion

Kindle Version

We are passionate about laughter. That’s right—laughter! Laughing lengthens life and we’re all for that. We love funny books to read—ones that make us laugh out loud. Laughter is contagious and gives us the desire to share with others, so the laughter is compounded many times over.

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